The hospitable side of Maremma

The Bianchi Group history started in Pancole, a small village next to Scansano, in the second half of the 18th century, where the progenitor and cattle dealer Giuseppe and his wife gave birth to Pietro.

Pietro Bianchi and his wife Franca Baroni continued his father’s job and started a furnishing and upholstery business in Grosseto. 

The business continued also during the War years until the early 50’s when Mario, Pietro and Franca’ son, opened a new furnishing and upholstery store, in Via Tripoli, Grosseto.

Thanks to Mario’s insight, from a little space of just 4 mq, in few years the activity became a big commercial unit of 400 mq in the city center.

It was the post-war period, full of hope and trust in a happy future where Mario’s investments started to grow and grow until the activity took an important role in the commercial world of Grosseto.

“The war brought hardship and destruction, I thought that all Grosseto’s inhabitants had to start new lives, making their homes more modern and comfortable” (Mr. Bianchi interview).

The following years were full of satisfaction, and the Bianchi Group became the provincial reference point for furniture and interior design.

By purchasing the “Pidocchino” (a historical cinema) in the early 80’s, the Bianchi family became a real furniture boutique bringing its fame all around Italy.

During a profitable economic situation, in 1974 the Bianchi Family decided to enlarge its business to the hotellerie world.

The opportunity, called “Hotel L’Approdo”, was an important reality in Castiglione della Pescaia, which shortly became the family’s pride.

Mario bravely restored an ancient Maremman estate and created the Fattoria La Principina.

With more than 100 hectares of green land, the Estate started to host travelers in its characteristic Cottages. Within years the expansion established restaurants, pools and sports facilities.

From 1985 to 1995, Fattoria La Principina was an International Equestrian Center.

In 2001, the Estate enlarged by launching the Congress Center La Principina, one of the largest in Tuscany. Recently, Mario’s investments focused on launching a new Beauty, Wellness & Sport center and the Relais Antica Fornace.

Mario was also nominated “Cavaliere del lavoro” and awarded with the “Grifone d’oro” in 2002,

the highest honor recognized by the city of Grosseto to its most illustrious citizens. Mario died in March 2017, his witness was taken by his wife Lucia and daughters Alessandra, Daniela and Paola.

– Mr. Bianchi, which memories still give you joy? –

“To be honest, we have so many beautiful memories because we had a really intense and full life. However, three memories I would never forget are: the lunch organised for Pope Wojtyla in the Chancery Office in 1989; the lunch organized for the President Azeglio Ciampi; and receiving the “Grifone d’oro” award as “Famiglia Bianchi”.

(interview for “La Nazione” daily newspaper).